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Welcome to " UkGunBook "
Here you will find numerous resources in the world of Shooting, Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness hiking.
From Air Weapons, shotguns, Crossbows, axes and knives to FAC
UK gun laws to Buying / Selling / Trades sections!
From Desert island survival to Artic survival
Reviews and show us your equipment sections!
Certain social media sites are banning the groups talking and trading in guns, even though
it is legal to do so in the UK providing you have the correct F.A.C license and follow all UK
laws. Basically they are implementing their own policies which they are free to do, but what
happens to all the people when these groups are shutdown??
This is why we created UkGunBook, to give people a place to go, where they are free to talk about their hobbies,
socialise with other likeminded people,
to learn new survival techniques and possibly buying, selling or trading a gun or other bushcraft related items.
Once again welcome to the site, and please tell your friends about us.

You may contact us at the following addresses:

General enquiries at Support@ukgunbook.com

Twitter at https://twitter.com/UkGunBook

Advertising enquiries at advertising@ukgunbook.com

Manufacturers enquiries at manufacturers@ukgunbook.com

Gun group and Gun Club enquiries at groups@ukgunbook.com

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View the latest post Petition for proposed changes to uk Air Rifle Law

Live in the UK? Then protect your pets with mandatory air rifle registration,
This wont stop the sport nor is it designed to,
But it will help bring twats to justice.
Sensible enthusiasts should welcom [...]

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If you was stuck on a desert island for 2 years, who would you take with you? ( choose 2 )

Poll ended at Sat May 07, 2016 1:30 pm

The wife
Ray Mears
Your Wife
Ed Stafford
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Bear Grylls
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Bear Grylls's wife

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Do you think the UK Gun Laws are too strict and oppressive?

Poll ended at Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:44 pm

Not tight enough!
There is a Zombie Apocalypse coming now gimme a gun quick!
Perfect for today's Britain!

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