Simple housing made from shipping containers

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Simple housing made from shipping containers

Postby ProPrepperUK » Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:26 am

Some fairly simple to construct housing, all you need is a plot of land,
three shipping containers and some DIY skills!
You could even cover the roof with solar panels to generate power!
Not sure if you need planning permission to have 3 shipping containers on your own piece of land or not, or if you would need separate permission to use them as housing, But this would be a hell of a lot cheaper in some parts of the UK than using cheap alternatives such as wood etc.
If you know the current regulations, please feel free to comment!
Maybe you could build it on your own land, but buried under the ground with one of them as access points, at which point you could make it as big as you wanted, like a proper bunker and using those light tubes, which are like 6 foot pipes with several lenses in them that reflect the light down the pipe, even at obscure angles to give daylight akin to having a large window.

From This!!
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To This!!
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Be honest, would YOU live in house like this?
I know for sure that i would, with an almighty basement
with one container for a workshop, one for storage and one
with a ramp down to a underground car garage too.
A minor lottery win, along the lines of 200k and i would do
seriously do this!

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