Petition for proposed changes to uk Air Rifle Law

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This is shared from the UK.Gov website and is up to date as of 21st february 2016
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Petition for proposed changes to uk Air Rifle Law

Postby Dan » Wed May 11, 2016 1:55 pm

Live in the UK? Then protect your pets with mandatory air rifle registration,
This wont stop the sport nor is it designed to,
But it will help bring twats to justice.
Sensible enthusiasts should welcome this to stop idiots giving us all a bad name!
It will help curb the trade in stolen air weapons, as many of us know of expensive equipment
that some thieving little excremental smear has taken, selling for a fraction of its value
to feed their various habits, not a thought for the hard work that someone has done to
earn that weapon.
The positives far outweigh the negatives!

"Make mandatory registration of air rifles "
Currently in the UK anyone can own an air rifle & use these to illegally shoot on
lands without permission committing the acts of armed trespass and poaching.
Some shoot pets escape prosecution and costs owners thousands of pounds!
By making registration mandatory ( 2 year period to register ) it will help solve
crimes of pets that have been shot and / or killed.
It will also make sure that owners are punished for offences committed with their weapons.
We dont want to stop people shooting, we just want to ensure those that own weapons are
using them sensibly, on lands with permission.
Similar to the UK Gunlaws on ShotGun ownership.
Sign and give your support!

Please visit this link HERE to sign the governmental petition!

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