Flint and Steel

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Flint and Steel

Postby Dan » Sat Mar 19, 2016 11:27 am

We all know that a flint and steel take up very little room and can be invaluable to helping
get an emergency fire going so here you will find a couple of bargains that we came across
on Amazon. This one is just £2.00 with FREE UK delivery.
This is a compact and lightweight firesteel. It is suitable for most outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping and other activities. This firesteel will light all kinds of dry material (tinder) such as; birch bark, fine wood shavings, Maya dust, dry grass etc You can easily and quickly start a fire with just some sparks.

Below are a couple of reviews that people left after buying these

Seriously - a flint & steel combo for little over a quid? I've used the more expensive Scouts before but thought a spare would be a good idea (forget matches - not my bag).
Couldn't believe that these existed for this price - well worth it and the real thing (tested). The only thing to be aware of is that to keep the cost down, they've made the flint a narrower gauge than the more expensive ones. Not a problem for me, but it's clearly not going to last as long (fewer strikes) and may, in some hands, have a greater tendency to break I'd guess.

I purchased this item for a little over a pound and at the price think that it is ideal as a survival tool. I must admit that if I am trekking I prefer to use matches as they are simple to use, however, in very wet conditions this little fire starter is brilliant. I know that many people keep a small kit with them containing cotton wool (in my eyes best with a bit of vaseline too) in a waterproof container, but for me the ideal is my small trangia burner, which lights instantly with a couple of sparks from this fire starter. Both items fit with ease into a pocket, normally a zipped one such as found on Rohan or similar garb, so I don't lose either whatever the terrain. Whilst I make a brew, I could always make a fire whilst I am waiting for the water to heat up, but I must admit that I do not see myself as a backwoodsman anyway and have never lit a fire YET.

So what's it like in use? Great, it isn't the sturdiest and at the price I wouldn't expect it to be, but once the sealant covering the flint is removed, a quick couple of strikes and enough sparks are generated quickly to set the methylated spirits aflame on the trangia; which if you should be worried about water ingress, works better with a 10% addition of water to the meths anyway. I have tried to light a fire in my woodburner with it, but when my 13 year old scouting son looked at me as though I was mad blowing on the embers, I reached the for matches anyway. Have no doubt that this item will work if you want to light fires, but for me it is a cheap and ideal back up to matches or it for lighting my stove.
Great value, delivered extremely promptly complete with a good strong tie to prevent the flint and striker becoming separated. Excellent.

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